The Liquid Diamonds concentrate used in this vaporizer is considered the purest form of cannabis. It is solvent-free, eco-friendly and residue-free, making it a top choice. Liquid Diamond Whole Melt Extract is designed to contain cannabinoids and terpenes, providing an exceptional taste and experience. It comes in different flavor profiles and offers options to suit different preferences. Disposable Whole Melt Extracts is the best brand for disposable vaporizers. The all-melt extract brand is known for offering arguably one of the best cannabis extracts available on the market. The entire Top brand is increasingly improving its products compared to its predecessors, ensuring that they offer the best quality to all customers. This is achieved by using modern and clean separation techniques to obtain the best extracts for all products. So it’s easy to say that fully fused disposables are the future. They contain 2 g of liquid and use a heating device already integrated into the core.